International strategic litigation

Sine Qua Non works on the strategy to follow in the international arena to transform and guarantee respect to Human Rights.

Through our strategic litigation work, we enhance scrutiny of the international community and seek effective responses.
We ensure from the beginning that those claims are pursued by those most affected by human rights violations.

Sine Qua Non litigation work relates to the following issues:

Civil and political rights (e.g., freedom of speech and assembly, fair trial and procedural rights, arbitrary detention, privacy rights)

Women’s rights

Social and cultural rights (e.g., language rights)

Right to development and self-determination

Some examples of our work to date include: 

  • Designing advocacy and litigation strategies for cases and situations with structural or systemic problems.
  • Engaging with NGOs and other international organisations to raise awareness and put national and international pressure to seek justice.
  • Expanding our work on reprisals for cooperating with the UN.
  • Supporting partners to send communications to Special Procedures on behalf of victim/s or civil society organisation.
  • Human rights policy advice at a national level to help States comply with international standards.