About us

Sine Qua Non (SQN) builds capacities in human rights and peace.

Sine Qua Non, a not-for-profit association, was created in 2018 to advocate for human rights and peace. We seek social transformation by building a partnership-based platform and performing know-how sharing.

Human rights are the sine qua non-condition and the basis for a free and just life. SQN is an innovative, project-oriented collaborative platform to promote and secure human rights, peace, and sustainable development. We continue to grow daily as we consolidate the experience acquired since its inception.


We believe in a free, critical, gender-sensitive, and committed citizenship, living in a peaceful and sustainable world where human rights are accessible and secured to all.


We build capacities in human rights through the three pillars of our mission:

  •  We empower civil society organisations and other stakeholders to expand their work globally contributing to multilateral and international organisations’ systems.
  • We raise awareness of human rights violations and seek justice through international litigation and advocacy work.
  • We build a network of experts and share knowledge on conflict transformation, negotiation, and peace-building processes


We are guided by the principles of equality, peace, integrity, accuracy, and transparency.

    Our people


    • Jordi Serra – President
    • Maria Balasch – Secretary
    • Noemi Kohler – Treasurer

    Human Rights Team

    • Gonzalo Bonnín – Law
    • Àngels Espachs – Law
    • Marta Lucas – Communications
    • Ariadna Roig – Psychology and Innovation
    • Marta Rovira – Law and Political Science
    • Clara Serra – Law
    • Teresa Vallverdú – Narratives and Communication

    A word of thanks

    We thank Maria Busquets & Andy Carl for their contribution to strengthening capacities for Peace and Human Rights.